Personalized Service from a Doctor Mom

I think what sets our practice apart from other pediatric practices is the holistic approach and personalized service that we give to our families.  I named the practice “FamilyWellnessMD” because our focus is the entire family.  No child exists alone; they all belong in families.  When we see a new client, we are welcoming a new family to our practice.  I think being a Mom has increased my pediatric skills and knowledge a hundred-fold.  I know what it’s like to have a baby with a diaper rash that appeared overnight and now is rapidly spreading.  I also have had experience with a child whose cough seems to get worse at night and keeps them up.  Or a child who one minute is fine and the next is listless with fever and who turns out to have an ear infection seemingly within a matter of hours.

I have been classically trained at some of the best universities in the land.  I’m also a pediatric sub-specialist and spent years taking care of sick kids with cancer and blood disorders in the hospital.  I know what it’s like to have a really sick child and my goal is to prevent our patients from going to the hospital.  If you’re looking for a Doctor Mom that cares, check us out! We serve the Duluth, North Fulton and general Gwinnett area.Dr. Taylor at Work

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