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Physician Heal Thyself

Personally I believe that today’s healthcare system as it stands needs to be amended.  We give really good care to sick patients, but when it comes to preventing medical problems—especially long-term medical problems, we fail miserably.  In a system that gives more value to reactive care than preventive care, childhood obesity is a casualty.  At Family WellnessMD, we recognize that true preventive care in pediatrics involves the whole family.  Our physician and team talk the talk and walk the walk.  Come by and visit us today to see our wellness center located in Gwinnett County, GA!

Shared Vision

When I see a child in clinic, 8 times out of 10—if the child is overweight, so is the parent that is accompanying them.  This is a general rule that I personally find has held true. I believe that a child’s weight generally reflects the health of the family.  Generally speaking, a child’s weight is the result of the health and food choices of the family.  So if that is true, then why do we think that we can change that child’s weight without changing the choices of the family.  I believe firmly that in order to bring about real, long-lasting weight loss for children who are struggling with weight, then we need to change the choices that the child’s family makes on a daily basis.  At FamilyWellnessMD, we involve the whole family in our wellness transformation program.

I find that shared choices on a daily basis is a natural part of family life.  So if we are aiming to change any aspect of family life, we need to involve the entire family.  We have to include the family in daily choices for nutrition and fitness.  If we aim to change the child alone as if they live in a vacuum, we will not be as successful as if we aim to change the child within the context of the family in which they live.  Contact us today to learn more!