31 Days of Healthy Holiday Desserts

The month of December is fast approaching and after all the food that was eaten over the Thanksgiving holiday. I know that we are in dire need of healthier alternatives to our meals, so I found some great desserts recipes for the upcoming holidays. Try them out and tell me what you think here or on our Family Wellness MD…

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Healthy Eating Tips for the Family

Here are some great tips to keep our kids healthy for the rest of year. Happy Eating!! Health Wellness Tips

Holistic Medical Doctor, not Naturopath

I’m writing this post because recently a patient’s mom commented on a review that I was not holistic.  It broke my heart.  As I thought about why, the only thing that I could come up with is the fact that I prescribed her son medicine.  Her infant son had had a cough for days and was mucousy for days and…

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Nutrition Tips for Parents and Kids | Whole Foods Market

Check out some healthy tips and visit and like us on our Family Wellness MD Facebook page.

Healthcare Excellence Award

Family Wellness MD is excited to announce that we have been nominated for a Healthcare Excellence Award from the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce! We would like to send special thanks to all of those who support us. We are all very blessed to be in this position and will continue to strive for the betterment of our community!

Healthy Eating—Good Habits Die Hard

We all know that 2 and 3 year olds tend to be defiant. This includes at the dining table as well. So as parents we have to be proactive, creative and firm in our approach! By including veggies in an appealing way (casseroles/yogurt dips) and being persistent in presenting our children with healthy options, we are teaching them to enjoy…

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FamilyWellnessMD Serving Gwinnett County

FamilyWellnessMD is a holistic medical center, directed by Dr. Nadia Taylor, that aims to create an atmosphere of wholeness and healing using medical knowledge and alternative healing strategies.  We specialize in treating children who are overweight.  The need for our services  is great: obesity and in particular, childhood obesity is on the rise.  Also, our food supply has become tainted…

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From Blood Diseases and Cancer Doctor to WellnessMomMD

Wow!  What a Revolution!  Some would say a huge change, but I see it as a lateral move.  In my role at the hospital, I was armed with the ability to prescribe toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells and powerful pain medicines to quell severe bone pain.  In my new role at FamilyWellnessMD, my task is equally daunting.  My task…

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FamilyWellnessMD Offerings

FamilyWellnessMD is a holistic medical center focused on using nutrition and food as medicine.  We specialize in holistic pediatric wellcare (no immunizations), acute sick visits for kids, and weight loss and nutrition services for adults.  Dr. Nadia Taylor is a board-certified pediatric specialist who believes in care for the whole family in helping our children to be healthy.  Our center…

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Your Eating Plan (Diet)—Keeping It Simple: Why Less is More

Keeping It Simple: Why  Less is More A lot of us, including myself, struggle with eating well.  Why?  There are so  many choices out there that are available to us.  Good and bad.  Honestly, we tend to gravitate toward the bad.  It’s easier to eat something that is convenient rather than cook or prepare something at home that is more…

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