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Why I Am In Love with Holistic Wellness

My passion for holistic wellness stems more from my experience as a patient than it does from my experience as a doctor. I’ve been a patient who felt fatigued with aches and pains only to be told by a traditional medical doctor that I was “healthy”. I’ve since come to determine that there’s a difference between being “healthy” and “being well”.
In my 20s as a medical student, I was diagnosed with a strange medical conditionhealthy food with measure tape indicating weight loss. My doctor offered me what he knew best, prescription medicine. I soon discontinued taking the medication because of the side effects. I then went on a journey to learn my body and know what works well with it and what doesn’t. I believe that is what wellness is all about. Traditional medicine tends to focus on objective data, e.g., labs, scans, x-rays, reports, etc. Holistic wellness focuses on how a person feels, e.g., energy level, mental clarity, stamina, etc.