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Hometown Doctor; Hometown Feel

My goal is to provide personalized service in a big city that make families feel as if they are in a small town and the doctor knows their name and their kids.  I’ve worked in practices before where patients were seen at such a rapid pace that it felt more like an assembly line than a healing relationship.  I also aim to listen to patients’ concerns (really parents’ concerns) with a tender heart.  Since becoming a Mom, I’ve realized that every concern matters.  I also believe that parents know their kids best.  I have the experience with thousands of kids and the expertise of years of training in clinical medicine.  However, I only get to spend a few minutes at a time with your child.  I don’t believe in the paternalistic view of which I’ve seen where the doctor knows it all and that’s it.  No discussion.  That may have worked twenty years ago, but that was before the information age.  We now live in an age where everyone has access to information-good and bad. I will listen to your concerns and offer my advice.  The decision and action is up to you!

Group of different families together of all races

Healthy Families; Healthy Communities