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New Kind of Doctor

I believe in holistic medicine which differs a bit from the traditional medicine that I was taught in medical school and residency. Since being a mom starting ~5 years ago, my perspective changed on how we deliver healthcare to kids. Standard pediatric medicine in my opinion is more of a factory than it is the caring, preventive environment that it should be.

My goal in creating the FamilyWellnessMD (DBA) is to deliver personalized holistic care from mom and medical doctor. Our goal is to deliver excellent preventive care with an emphasis on nutrition and fitness to kids that need it!
This impacts children for generations to come! Our kids in this current day and age have less of a life expectancy than their parents due to diet and lifestyle choices. My goal is not just to treat infections and provide immunizations to them as their doctor, but to arm them with life changing information and tools that can ultimately extend their lives!