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31 Days of Healthy Holiday Desserts

The month of December is fast approaching and after all the food that was eaten over the Thanksgiving holiday. I know that we are in dire need of healthier alternatives to our meals, so I found some great desserts recipes for the upcoming holidays. Try them out and tell me what you think here or on our Family Wellness MD Facebook page.

31 Days of Healthy Holiday Desserts

Healthy Eating Tips for the Family

Here are some great tips to keep our kids healthy for the rest of year.

Happy Eating!!

Health Wellness Tips

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Holistic Medical Doctor, not Naturopath

I’m writing this post because recently a patient’s mom commented on a review that I was not holistic.  It broke my heart.  As I thought about why, the only thing that I could come up with is the fact that I prescribed her son medicine.  Her infant son had had a cough for days and was mucousy for days and not getting better.  I prescribed him a regimen that I have prescribed for hundreds of other children that I know works to 1) get rid of the cough and 2) clear up the mucus.

I respect her opinion, but wanted to explain myself.  I am an allopathic (traditionally-trained) medical doctor.  I not only trained in general medicine/pediatrics, but trained to take care of kids with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders.  I know the power of medicine.  I also believe in the power of God and the wisdom that He gives.  That’s why I believe so strongly in a lot of Naturopathic principles.  I don’t believe in prescribing antibiotics when not needed, but I also believe that if antibiotics are needed in my best judgement and I don’t prescribe them, then that’s neglect.

Diet and nutrition and lifestyle changes are the most important things that we can manipulate in our lives to live the best life possible.  Many of our modern day medicines are plant-derived and natural in origin though many chemicals and preservatives have been added to some.  Know that when I see your child, I will do my best to treat them as my own.  If I think naturopathic solutions are all that you need, then that’s what I’ll recommend.  However, if I think your child will benefit from a drug that only a medical doctor can presribe, then I will do that as well!

My goal is to serve and to help create healthy families; one at a time!  I spent a lot of years studying and aim to use both traditional and naturopathic medicine to achieve that goal!

We now have 2 locations: 1 in Berkeley Lake (Duluth) in Gwinnett County and the other in Johns Creek (Alpharetta) in North Fulton County.  We look forward to serving you soon!

Dr. Nadia Taylor

Board-certified Physician

Nutrition Tips for Parents and Kids | Whole Foods Market

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Healthcare Excellence Award

Family Wellness MD is excited to announce that we have been nominated for a Healthcare Excellence Award from the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce! We would like to send special thanks to all of those who support us. We are all very blessed to be in this position and will continue to strive for the betterment of our community!