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From Blood Diseases and Cancer Doctor to WellnessMomMD

Wow!  What a Revolution!  Some would say a huge change, but I see it as a lateral move.  In my role at the hospital, I was armed with the ability to prescribe toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells and powerful pain medicines to quell severe bone pain.  In my new role at FamilyWellnessMD, my task is equally daunting.  My task here affects more children.  Their lives in my mind are hanging in the balance.  Many are predisposed for chronic health issues at a very young age; diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.  The risks are real!  My armamentarium (list of medicines I prescribe) is of a different type.  Here they are all naturally derived and most if not all can be found in the local grocery store or farmer’s market.  They are equally potent and have the power to fight diseases and give life!  My goal here is to empower families to know how to fight for themselves.  In the hospital, we focused more on helping families to cope.  Here at FamilyWellnessMD in Gwinnett County, GA, Dr. Nadia Taylor helps families to be properly equipped to face the war that they fight every day.  The war of fast food and junk food at school; commercials all day long that promote sugary drinks and cereals; and the focus on exercise rather than on diet.  The war plan is actually quite simple!  Our goal is to start first with Gwinnett County and then Georgia, then the world!  One family at a time!  Call today for your consultation at 770-707-4018!healthy food with measure tape indicating weight loss