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Why I Created FamilyWellnessMD Holistic Medical Center

I am in the process of creating a holistic medical center focused on healthy nutrition and fitness for the whole family.  I am a medical doctor who specializes in taking care of children.  One of the challenges that I’ve faced in trying to combat childhood obesity is that if, “Momma doesn’t change; nobody changes.”  Mom is the key decision-maker typically when it comes to food choices in the home.  Our center focuses on weight loss for the entire family.  We have nutrition experts as well as a certified personal trainer as part of our team.  Our center includes a nutrition library and a fitness room.

I created this primarily because I was tired of telling kids what to do.  I decided it was time to show them.  Weight-watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.—these programs are successful primarily because of the accountability that they provide.  Our program focuses on the family as the main center of accountability for a child.  We want not only the child to change, but the whole family to make healthier choices and to move together.

We all like to do things together.  It is how we are built as human beings.  We are not meant to be loners.  We are meant to be in community…to do things in community.  A powerful phenomenon occurs when we have the support of those closest to us.  It creates a life-changing energy that propels us to success!